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Mental Health Treatment Facility

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When children or adolescents reach out for help with mental health disorders, it can be a decision that changes their lives for the better. However, it can still be an intimidating and overwhelming experience for these young people. It doesn’t help that many mental health treatment centers don’t appear welcoming and have outdated facilities.

The mental health treatment facility at HillsidesCares is one of the aspects of our care that distinguishes us from other treatment centers. HillsidesCares offers a safe, nurturing environment on a beautiful 17-acre campus. Our mental health treatment facility in Pasadena, CA, provides the perfect setting for adolescents and children to receive the comprehensive treatment they need and deserve.

Our Mental Health Treatment Facility

Truthfully, the first thing families notice when they visit our treatment center is our gorgeous campus. Our HillsidesCares team truly believes that children and adolescents are more receptive to mental health treatment when they are in the right setting.

Our campus is located in a quiet residential neighborhood in Pasadena, CA, which is approximately ten miles north of Downtown LA. Bordered by upscale communities, the campus provides a tranquil setting for children, adolescents, and families who are recovering from mental health challenges. The vibrant area of Old Town Pasadena is a five-minute drive away and provides visiting families with a number of dining and shopping amenities. Also, there are many local Pasadena attractions, including the Rose Bowl, Huntington Botanical Gardens, Colorado Street Bridge, Pasadena City Hall, and turn-of-the-century craftsman-style neighborhoods.

Our Facilities and Activities

If your child wants to express themselves artistically, by cooking, or through sports, we have what they need. Our team has found that channeling our clients’ focus into healthy and productive activities that build skills and self-esteem. Also, clients may even discover an activity that becomes a passion of theirs for years to come.

In fact, HillsidesCares completed a significant $18 million campus renovation in 2018 that added 34,000 square feet of state-of-the-art facilities, an outdoor recreation corridor, and several therapeutic amenities, including:

  • Expressive music/ recording studio
  • Art room
  • Game room
  • Gym
  • Expansive dining hall
  • Demonstration kitchen for culinary arts
  • Basketball courts
  • Pool
  • Recreation area

Our campus includes five residential cottages that are divided by age group. This allows clients to build connections with their peers. Each cottage includes amenities such as a small kitchen, shared bathroom, wardrobe, and a common area for TV and games. Each client is provided with their own private bedroom, offering much-needed privacy and peace while in treatment.

Also, recreation is an integral part of life at HillsidesCares. Learning to enjoy social and recreational activities while recovering from mental health challenges is an important skill for youth, especially for developing social connections and hobbies that improve well-being. Our clients enjoy a number of recreation activities, including swimming, yoga, sports, games, and more. We want all of our clients to feel that HillsidesCares is their home away from home.

Schedule a Tour of Our HillsidesCares Facility Today

One of the aspects of HillsidesCares that sets us apart from other mental health treatment centers is our facility. We want clients in our care to feel comfortable and safe throughout their time at HillsidesCares. If an adolescent or child in your life may benefit from treatment at HillsidesCares, contact our team today to take a tour, so you and your family can see firsthand how amazing our facility really is. Reach out to HillsidesCares today by calling 323.641.4842 or completing our online form and schedule a visit to our beautiful mental health treatment facility in Pasadena, CA.