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Group Therapy Program

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group therapy programIt’s a common experience that the adolescent years are a time when many young people may withdraw from friends and family to deal with personal struggles for a variety of reasons. It’s a time when communication can grind to a halt, and those who care about them can feel shut out. Group therapy for teens and children is an effective way to re-establish connections in a peer-to-peer setting to form a bond and support structure for every individual member of the group.

HillsidesCares provides behavioral health services in Los Angeles, California. We offer a group therapy program to bring children and adolescents together to help reach a common understanding, build a sense of accountability, and set goals that they can reach mutually. Group counseling is only one of many programs available. Contact the HillsidesCares team today at 323.641.4842 or fill out our online form to learn more about our other mental health programs for teens.

Benefits of Choosing a Group Therapy Program

With HillsidesCares, we offer group therapy for teens and anyone between the ages of 6-17. While being an especially effective method with adolescents, the benefits of choosing to work through treatment as a group are nearly universal. Socialization plays a major role, seeing as many clients working through their mental health can feel like their peers are incapable of understanding their struggles. Group sizes vary between five and 10 per group and include various ages depending on the activity. Activities such as role-playing and outdoor recreation are fun ways to get clients socially and physically active. 

The Importance of Peers

When children and adolescents talk to their parents about their mental wellness, the age difference can be an obstacle to common ground and understanding. Our specially-trained counselors and group therapy seek to address this and having discussions between clients of similar age make all the difference as far as perceived wisdom goes. Children and teenagers trust their peers and are generally more willing to accept feedback from others their age. Making friends is important for understanding how clients can work through their own mental, behavioral, or emotional health.

Another benefit to working alongside peers towards similar goals is that when one group member achieves their goal, it makes for an especially potent motivator. Other members will see a peer meet their goal and feel more inclined to do the same, but they will also have a unique opportunity to ask how it was reached and learn from someone their age. It’s a valuable teacher exclusive to situations where multiple children or adolescents have a close connection built on trust, experience, and mutual understanding.

What Does Group Therapy Accomplish?

If a young person is irritable, socially distant, or experiences outbursts of sudden emotion, there’s a good chance it’s something group therapy can help with. Depression, social anxiety, or any other source of low self-confidence can be treated by regular group therapy sessions mediated by caring professionals with years of experience. At HillsidesCares, we provide group counseling with therapeutic services in mind, including:

  • Art and music therapy
  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy
  • Outdoor recreation activities

Discover How HillsidesCares Can Help

If group therapy sounds like an appropriate course of action for your child or adolescent, HillsidesCares might be the link you need in your family’s time of crisis. Our knowledgeable specialists and trained therapists can provide the precise support and care your child needs. Learn more about how our team can help by calling us at 323.641.4842 or contacting us through our online form.