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Dialectical Behavior Therapy

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dialectical behavior therapyThe teen years are crucial for your child’s mental and physical development. Their behavior might seem troubling at times, leaving the parents confused about the right course of action. Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) can help children and adolescents control their turbulent emotions and negative thoughts. Thus, it can train them to build lifelong healthy habits. If your child appears to be struggling with their mental health, reach out to HillsidesCares for effective behavioral health services in Los Angeles.

Behavioral therapy for teens and children can help them understand their behavior and the complex thoughts behind their actions. The therapy sessions teach them to become more self-aware and self-motivated. Thus, they can successfully commit to a recovery plan. To know about our personalized dialectical behavior therapy program in Los Angeles, CA, call us at 323.641.4842.

Why We Offer Dialectical Behavior Therapy for Teens and Children

Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) is a highly effective and unique treatment method. It encourages your child to re-examine their behavior, opinions, and core beliefs. As a result, they learn to regulate their emotions and appropriately react to stressful situations.

We offer a specialized dialectical behavior therapy program in Los Angeles, CA. At our beautiful and nurturing 17-acre campus in Pasadena, children and adolescents learn vital life skills and how to modify their negative behavior. Thus, DBT offers several unique benefits, as discussed below:

  • Core mindfulness: DBT teaches the youth to be self-aware and introspective at its heart. They learn to understand themselves better and recognize harmful thoughts/behavior.
  • Emotional regulation: Children often get overwhelmed by their emotions and react accordingly. We teach them to manage negative emotions such as anger, hatred, and aggression better. Instead of giving in to their emotions, they channel them more productively.
  • Interpersonal conflict: They also learn to understand other people better by knowing themselves. As a result, they get better at handling and resolving conflict.
  • Improved mental health: DBT is particularly recommended for youth who display self-destructive or violent behavior signs. Their emotional well-being also receives a boost by developing better coping mechanisms and achieving a sense of inner tranquility.  

DBT uses a variety of techniques and exercises. After a complete psychological assessment, the therapists may formulate a recovery plan. Depending on the client’s needs, it may include one or more DBT sessions in a week.

Our Treatment Center in Los Angeles, CA

By opting for behavioral therapy for teens and children, your child receives several benefits and advantages, such as the following:
  • Early intervention: By commencing treatment early, we can help your child build a better life for themselves. While many centers may refuse to treat a kid until they are at least twelve years old, we treat children as young as six years or as old as seventeen.
  • Education and life skills: We offer several educational and training services, including one-on-one tutoring, so that the child can successfully balance school work with mental health treatment.
  • Residential and outpatient treatment programs: Depending on the client’s needs and recovery goals, we offer customizable residential, partial hospitalization, and intensive outpatient programs.
  • LGBTQ+ friendly space: As a queer-affirmative space, we help the youth find mutual support and solidarity in our nurturing community.

Help Your Child Reach Their Full Potential at HillsidesCares

At HillsidesCares, no child will be neglected. We make their mental health and emotional well-being our highest priority, guiding them to achieve their highest potential. As a trauma-informed organization, we treat every client with compassion, respect, and empathy. We want our clients to be successful in life and offer a variety of educational and aftercare services to receive help and guidance at every step.

At HillsidesCares, we promise your child a safe, caring, and supportive environment. Our team will work closely and patiently to address their issues and prepare them to achieve their goals. Help your child thrive by calling us at 323.641.4842 today.