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Aftercare Program

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Aftercare ProgramWhen people choose to seek out mental health treatment, it is often a life-changing decision. Many treatment centers can treat mental health disorders, but what happens when a person completes their treatment plan? Are they prepared to maintain the positive mental health habits that they learned during their time at a treatment center? Unfortunately, the answer is often that there is no sort of rehab aftercare services available.

At HillsidesCares, our aftercare program prepares children and adolescents to transition from our treatment programs and adolescent and family behavioral health services back to their daily lives. Perhaps you’re the parent of an adolescent or child who may need ongoing support to sustain the skills that they learned in mental health treatment at HillsidesCares. If so, reach out to our team today by calling 323.641.4842 or completing our online form. We can provide more information about how ongoing care can set your child up for success.

HillsidesCares’s Aftercare Program

The key to the effectiveness of the aftercare program at HillsidesCares is our collaborative approach. Our team evaluates each client’s needs and then works with the client and their family to develop an aftercare plan to continue the client’s success. We use a whole-person or holistic approach to ensure the correct level of support for each client. Also, our aftercare program is designed to help the transition from our program into the client’s everyday life. For example, if one of our clients may benefit from other outpatient services, we can link clients with these resources. We can also connect clients with wellness or other support groups to ensure mental health still is prioritized after the program.

Additional Services at HillsidesCares

At HillsidesCares, we also proudly provide services used in conjunction with our adolescent and child aftercare programs. These additional services allow our multidisciplinary team to have a unique approach to mental health treatment for our clients. Other services offered at HillsidesCares include:
  • Education services – Education services are obviously a crucial part of a child’s cognitive and social development. However, at HillsidesCares, we prioritize a client’s mental health before education services. For some, this may seem counterproductive. The truth is that we want our clients to feel stable and confident about their well-being before adding the stress and pressure of an academic program. When our team agrees that a client is ready, we provide behavioral and mental health support which allows the client to reach their educational goals.
  • Residential services – The residential services at HillsidesCares provide round-the-clock care for our clients. Our residential services provide a safe treatment environment with evidence-based services tailored by disorder type and severity. This also includes on-site child psychiatry, nursing services, crisis stabilization, and intensive interventions.
  • Family services – At HillsidesCares, part of our mission is to strengthen families and improve communication between family members. Our family services give families the skills and strategies to become a unified team. Also, we will provide the space to provide those resources to parents, families, and the rest of the client’s support system weekly.

Help Your Child Continue to Succeed with
Our Aftercare Program

Our HillsidesCares team fully believes that our aftercare program is an essential tool for children and adolescents to keep themselves on the right track. We recognize that our responsibility is to ensure that all of our clients have the tools and support that they need to continue their progress with their health and well-being. Learn more about our aftercare program or any other programs and services by calling us today at 323.641.4842 or completing our online contact form. At HillsidesCares, our clients’ success is what makes our roles so rewarding. Discover more about how we can help a loved one succeed today.