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Most Common Mental Health Disorders in Teens

therapist sits with a teen boy to discuss mental health disorders in teens

When it comes to mental health disorders in teens, many different conditions can affect them. Mental health wellness is vital for all ages, and mental health disorders in teens can range from mild to severe. At HillsidesCares, we understand that mental health disorders can be difficult, and our mental health specialists are here to help.

Are you searching for mental health services for teens near Pasadena, California? HillsidesCares can help. Our mental health specialists have skills in treating mental health disorders commonly affecting teens and children, such as depression, anxiety, and oppositional defiant disorder. Call us today at 323.641.4842 to learn more about our mental health treatment programs for adolescents.

Most Common Mental Health Disorders in Teens

It’s no surprise that mental health issues are prevalent among teenagers these days. Maintaining mental well-being cannot be easy with heavy workloads in school and peer social pressures. Fortunately, there are several mental health disorders commonly faced by teens that are both recognizable and treatable. Some of the most common mental health disorders in teens include:

  • Depression – Teens with depression may feel a sense of sadness, loss of interest in activities they once enjoyed, or significant changes in appetite and sleep.
  • Anxiety – Teen anxiety can range from fear and worry to physical symptoms such as a racing heart or shortness of breath.
  • Oppositional defiant disorder (ODD) – Teens with ODD may act out, display aggression, and be difficult to reason with.

It’s essential to recognize the signs early on, whether through changed behaviors or mental changes such as difficulty concentrating or overall apathy, so that they can receive immediate treatment. Mental health is a serious topic and should never be taken lightly. With the proper guidance and support, these common mental health disorders facing your child are manageable.

Why Is Teen Mental Health Awareness Important?

Mental health is as important to teens as physical health. However, it is usually not given the support and attention it needs. Teen mental health awareness is integral in supporting young people through difficult times and helping them develop positive mental attitudes for their futures. By addressing the issue early on, we can help teens navigate their teenage years more effectively. We do this by assisting them in managing pressures such as bullying to tackling the academic demands and life choices that come with being a teenager today.

What Is World Teen Mental Wellness Day?

World Teen Mental Wellness Day is on April 14th. This day encourages mental health awareness, education, and support for teens. This day allows under-resourced teens to feel seen and supported in their mental health journey and helps break down the stigma and silence around mental wellness. Empowering teens to acknowledge and work through their mental health issues promotes resilience, community, and celebration on World Teen Mental Wellness Day. At HillsidesCares, mental health is a top priority for teens. Our mental health specialists have the experience and education to provide mental health services tailored to your child’s needs.

Contact HillsidesCares for Support for Your Teen and Child

If your teen or child is experiencing mental health difficulties, contact us at HillsidesCares. Our mental health specialists are here to guide you through mental health disorders in teens. We provide mental health services for teens near Pasadena, California, and offer customized plans tailored to your child’s needs. We understand mental health disorders in teens can be complex, and we are here to help.

Let our mental health specialists help guide you through this process for a better, stronger future for your teen or child. Contact us at 323.641.4842 for more information about mental health disorders in teens.